Conrod S. J. Kelly founded STAGES, a career development company, to expand his ability to provide career coaching to the masses after years of working one-on-one. His first book STAGED! A Four-Step Process to Stand Out in Your Personal and Professional Life introduced the staging philosophy. In RESTAGED, Kelly offers an expanded view of the staging model along with helpful anecdotes and tools. He draws on his years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Merck—along with his years as a student of personal and professional development to motivate and inspire others.

Kelly is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up in South Florida. He currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia area with his wife, Joy, and their daughter, Nola Grace.


The breakout book by Conrod S.J. Kelly, STAGED! encouraged, inspired, and guided readers on how to navigate their personal and professional lives through introspection, clarity,  and mastery. Now with more robust content and real-life examples, RESTAGED elevates the conversation and propels it forward. Positioned through a metaphor as relatable as the home staging process, RESTAGED leverages a four-part mental model to inspire and coach those seeking success in every aspect of life.

Step 1: Do your homework to discover INSIGHTS
Step 2: INVEST in de-cluttering, cleaning, and making the necessary repairs in your life
Step 3: Improve your curb appeal to generate INTEREST
Step 4: Craft and tell your story in a way that INSPIRES others

contains actionable guidance for application, tools to enlist the support of others, and a plan for personal accountability. An engaging blend of book and workbook, RESTAGED allows readers to uncover and capture insights as well as document a plan to act on those insights.


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